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A modern take on a classical art form with hints of traditional values of labor-intensive craftsmanship. These cross-hatching techniques emanated from the old engraving reproduction techniques mastered by artists like Gustave Doré in the 1800s and later on assimilated into a pen and ink illustration by American artist Franklin Booth in the 1900’s. This technique and illustration style has been an interest of mine since childhood and I’m pleased to bring it to you and to the digital age with state of the art modern reproduction technology and the unique and simple magic of pen and ink. These are all custom made portraits. Please see "How it Works" for details.

How to order

If you are interested in your own immortality in the form of an intimate portrait of yourself and for yourself, please contact me directly at and send me some reference pictures that you think captures you best. The higher the resolution the clearer the picture the better, but it’s okay if that magical picture is not the best resolution as I can pick it up from there for as long as I have other pictures to refer to.

If you want the portrait done by a certain time you can make a deposit online so that it can be booked ahead of time. Your deposit is guarantied and either you use it to pay for the portrait or you can get back if you decide not to go forwards with it. I charge a minimum of $500 for portrait for a single subject and with a reasonable amount of complexity and size. You get the master portrait print at the size that you wish and then $150 to $250 for each additional print depending on the sizes and the variations that you choose. Honestly eager to accommodate you in your wishes and likes.

These are very personalized portraits and every case is different. If you want the emotional story to be a part of the portrait we’ll have an open, but private discussion about you and the things that are meaningful in your life. We’ll choose a base picture together taking into consideration your likes and my own artistic concerns and then I will make the portrait and let you know when it will be done and to satisfactory end.

These portraits are also available for sale and have the proper authorization from the models portrayed.

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