Sample: Cubano


Title: Cubano (self portrait)
Author: Pepe Moreno (2013)
Signed and Numbered Edition: 20 (per size)
Medium: Gallery-quality Giclée Art Print


This is a dramatized self-portrait and very much in line as to what I want to accomplish with my line of portraits. As I mentioned in the about page I like to say something or tell a story that brings depth into the picture and in the case of the portraits I want to capture the moment with the emotional story of the person as much as their likeness. More often than not I add a poem that speaks volumes of the person portrayed. These are feeling portraits that are meant to talk back and remind the person in the portrait of who they are or who they were at that time. Others can enjoy it, but the more holistic purpose is that this a very sincere portrait of oneself. These are “Thinking Portraits” or “Poetraits” as I like to call them.

These portraits are also available for sale and have the proper authorization from the models portrayed.

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