Iconic Portraits

Title: Steve Job's Interface
Author: Pepe Moreno (2013)
Limited Edition: 20 (each size)
Material: Gallery-quality Giclée Art Print

If we’re to speak of iconic figures who could then be more iconic than Steve Jobs, who made the very idea of an “icon” an everyday concep. Steve and I are of the same generation and I had the privilege to cross paths with him on a few meaningful occasions. I’m no Steve Jobs of course, but I did manage to create a few things that wonderfully related to what he was working on. Back in 1993 my best-seller computer generated book, Batman: Digital Justice became an icon to the very desktop revolution that Steve himself had championed and made real. The book made a big splash at the time as it was a tangible implementation of what everyone was imagining and hundreds of articles that were written about it all over the world. I’m not sure if he kept the complementary book I give him at one of the signings but when he saw the book and browsed through it I got an implicit blessing from him. He could have retired back then as he had already changed the word, but true to Steve’s creative ambitions he was to change the world ten times over. This portrait is but a humble testimony of his grandeur and my personal affection towards him, what he meant to us all and to the world.

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