The art of illustration in itself and specially when augmented as a story telling device it’s perhaps one of my most favorite things. There’s a unique and a captivating power in a stroke, and nothing could be more magical than drawing something from real life or imaginary on a piece of paper and having other people see it and enjoy it with you. This was magical when I was a kid and remains just as magical today. I can literally fall in love with a stroke or a drawing style, and if that’s not enough, just imagine that you can use it to tell a story, create worlds and convey thoughts and in a way that everyone understands. I learned of this magical power as a child and it more than anything else has sustained me all my life.

I can definitely say that I have earned my illustrator-chops from many years of drawing comic books. I love comics still, but it’s too much work and a bad return for the investment of time and talent so I’m content now with telling a story with one illustration or just a few. Still works at the level of creating worlds and imaginary mental states, something that I’m starting to like a lot. Keeping it simple and condensed is a challenge but when accomplished it works very well. The illustrations are light and clean with the emphasis in portraying a place in the dimension of time and space. There’s magic in simplicity, don’t you think?