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Custom Portraits

It would be my honor and privilege to capture your image and soul with an exclusive one-of-a-kind portrait of you, your family or loved ones. These hand-drawn portraits will not only depict your likeness in great detail, but also your emotional life story as well.

A modern take on a classical art form with hints of traditional values of labor-intensive craftsmanship. These cross-hatching techniques emanated from the old engraving reproduction techniques mastered by artists like Gustave Doré in the 1800s and later on assimilated into a pen and ink illustration by American artist Franklin Booth in the 1900’s. This technique and illustration style has been an interest of mine since childhood and I’m pleased to bring it to you and to the digital age with state of the art modern reproduction technology and the unique and simple magic of pen and ink. 

A delicate and detailed portrait of you and your personal story, something to share or cherish, something perhaps that becomes a lasting memory and a family heritage for generations to come.

The cost of a portrait would range from $500 to $1000 depending on the amount of subjects and overall complexity. All reasonable, up for discussion and negotiable of course. These are all custom made portraits, if you’re interested please see "How it Works" for more details or fill up this form

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